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What is En. c-c.com

Massive Number of Users
en.c-c.com currently holds hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers from 220 countries as its members, and the number of members is rapidly growing. More than 1million business people are visiting En. C-C.com Web site every month to find their business partners.

Rich Content
en.c-c.com assures the world's biggest product database as a B2B eMarketplace with 400,000 different products available. We also support suppliers by providing information of more than 500,000 buyers.

Active Participation
en.c-c.com is open to all the companies looking for global business. It allows members to directly manage their online products composed of up-to-date product information. The number of inquiries exchanged is over 200,000 cases per month, and lots of trade deals are concluded every day.

Comprehensive and Powerful System
Based on our experiences in the field of internet trade, en.c-c.com understands exactly what suppliers and buyers want. With its user-friendly system and powerful features, en.c-c.com provides effective tools to lead your companies to success in global business.

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