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Spinnerets for Polyester Filament

  • Shanghai Hongde Mahinery Co., Ltd.
  • Address: No. 1269, Hubeiqing Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, shanghai
  • Phone: 86-21-60518529
  • Fax: 86-21-51685125
  • Contact: Morris [Marketing, SALES ENGINEER]
  • specifications:
  • Price:
  • MOQ: 10
Application Area:  
  Spinnerets for Polyester Filament  
  Spinnerets for Polyamide 6/66 Filament
  Spinnerets for Polypropylene Filament
  Spinnerets for Melt Spinning
Contract Person: Mr. Morris Wang  
ADD: No.1269, Hubeiqing Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China
  • Heating Rods for psf plant
    Application Area: Be widely applied in Spin Beam and melt filters and Spin Pack of Spinning beam and Spunbond Nonwoven SHANGHAI HONGKEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Contract Person: Mr. Morris Wang hongkens
  • Polyester Staple Fiber Cutter Knife
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  • Spinnerets for Hollow or Solid Fiber
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  • psf Melt Filter Element
    Application Area: Synthetic fiber industry, polymer industry, non-woven industry Note: Tail-made order is also acceptableΦ L M2(WELDED) M1(WELDED) Pattern 35, 50, 58, 60 217, 400, 425, 465, 485, 500
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  • Stainless Steel psf Disc Filter
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