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More than 85% buyers on en.c-c.com prefer trading with Premium suppliers. 87% of the Buyers don’t look for suppliers listed beyond first page of search results. Quality buyers prefer receiving inquiries only from Premium members. A lot of buyers on en.c-c.com prefer to disclose their contact information only to Premium members.

VIP Supplier provides you with all these benefits and much more!

What is VIP Supplier
VIP Supplier is cost effective marketing service for sellers to help them grow and promote their business, and achieve excellent profitability and quick business deals.
Why to choose VIP Supplier

-Be the first choice of Buyers

-Be the first to get Buyers' attention

-Get more serious inquiries and more Quality Buyers

- VIP Supplier gives you 5 times more inquiries than Free Members

  • Features VIP Supplier Free Member
  • Products Images 3 1
  • Products Groups Yes No
  • Featured Products 8 No
  • Search Rank Top Normal
  • Access to Buyers Into Yes No
  • Messages Unlimited 30 per day
  • Trade Alert Yes Yes
  • Enterprise Evaluation Yes No
  • Premium Company Webiste Yes No
  • After-sale Service Yes No

To take advantage of these exciting benefits Join VIP Supplier Now !

VIP Supplier Benefits

Buyers find your company more easily and faster

Priority listing in ALL search results (Products, Selling leads & Suppliers) Your Products, Selling leads shown to buyers on top of search results

Premium members get 84% more exposure to buyers than Free menbers.

Attract Buyers more convincingly

Get VIP Supplier logo to commend your position

Send/Reply to buyers Inquiries with more confidence

Find out new buying opportunities faster than your competitors

Unlimited Access to Global Buyer database of over 900,000 buyers Never miss a buying opportunity

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